Temperatures are in the thirties here this morning, so much for global warming. Nothing quite as bad as what I see happening in other parts of the nation, but pretty bad for us. Looks like we will be repeating last winters weather, hopefully with a repeat of the spectacular fishing. This cool-cold weather,(yes, I know other parts of the country are much colder, but thirties in South Florida are like below zero temps anywhere else) started a month ago, just about the time the first schools of bluefish, Spanish and king mackerel, pompano and spinner sharks started showing themselves. I find myself totally unprepared in the terms of fly supply, (something I plan on taking care of shortly) and cold tolerance,(something I can do nothing about). All of these species arrived about six weeks early, (as did hummingbirds in my yard) another indicator as to the type of winter we are in store for.
The last two months had some very good fishing for dolphin, king mackerel, jacks and assorted deep species such as amberjacks, snappers, runners and tuna. Alas, customers were few and far between, so most of the fun was enjoyed by myself and a few fishing buddies.
Sailfish have also arrived early and I plan on spending as much time as weather will allow fishing for them over the next two months. Honestly, the sailfish gig is one of the few things that still get my knees knocking and the heart racing. There is nothing quite like throwing a fly at a six foot plus fish that is only fifteen feet away. And not even a Porsche has the off-the-line speed of a sailfish…I vow to have sailfish on fly pictures up by Christmas. Now I just need someone to come help me get it done.
Happy Holidays to All…