Yes, it has been quite a while since the last report. Weather has been perfect fishing weather, bait has been in good supply and the species list has been nice. False albacore have been the mainstay and continue to be at numbers that that force you to admit that enough is enough and go off in search of other species. And since the middle of July, some world record class fish have been in good supply, with albies in the fifteen pound and up range a daily occurrence. One of my clients had several in the sixteen to seventeen pound range and two eighteen pounders on the same day. I think the Motrin flowed heavily that night.
Dolphin fishing is also very consistent, though the distance one must travel to find them changes daily. In early July eight to ten miles was a good distance to run to find them,with quite a few showing up while chumming the albies just a mile or two off the beach. But lately, most of the better action requires a twelve to fifteen mile jaunt. And that’s ok because the new boat makes that kind of a run in no time at all and generally we have no interference from other boats out that distance. The same area has produced some nice tripletail hanging on decent debris. I keep hearing about roving schools of skipjack tuna, though I have yet to see them. Not to worry, the fall usually has plenty of encounters with those purple speedsters.
King mackerel have been around in fishable numbers and in the perfect size range for fly. Those eight to fifteen pound kings just love to eat flies. And a few in the twenty-pound range have cooperated lately also.
In the past couple of weeks, the snook have started cooperating very well and some dandy fish have come over the side.
Some odds and ends of barracuda, big jacks, rainbow and blue runners round out the action we have been seeing.
I’ll be adding a bunch of new pictures to the gallery, I have a new camera that takes great pictures. Check it out.