Things are still trucking along here in south florida. The main schools of big false albacore have moved on to where ever it is they go, but the “juniors” are providing some fun ultra light action. Albies in the three to eight pound range are bending six and nine weight rods, and hefty blue runners up to five pounds are mixed in with them. And having a magnum sized barracuda decapitate one on the way in is almost an hourly occurance. The past couple of weeks have seen quite a few dolphin coming through, we’ve boated three over twenty-five pounds and a bunch of schoolies in the three to ten pound range. The king mackerel are around also, a couple have made it to the boat despite the absence of wire leader. Deep drifting flies over the reef for other stuff like albies and runners have produced several lip hooked kings in the ten to fifteen pound range. I personally lost easily the biggest king I’ve had hooked on fly last week, probably into the forty pound range. Got a tooth on the leader right at boatside….arrrrrrgh. Unfortunately, the offshore water has been gin-clear, visabilities of over a hundred feet have made getting strikes on wire leaders a little tough. So we’ve been going with mono shock tippets and hoping for the best. And to round out the Palm Beach menu….the big snook are cooperating well at area inlets. With either an outgoing or incoming tide, fish starting at ten pounds and getting up to thirty are on the bottom under huge schools of baitfish. A fast sinking line dragged under the bait has been producing with large streamers….the “eatme” in white/olive out-doing everything else. There are other things going on like tarpon along the beaches and a decent number of sailfish running the reef, but I haven’t gotten to them just yet. Maybe this week…. The highlight of my month was having one of the masters out last wednesday. Chico Fernandez and son Steven were quite fun to fish with, especially since I was serving up fare that they didn’t usually get to play with. Five or six double headers on albies, several magnum sized blue runners, a couple of rainbow runners, a half dozen schoolie dolphin, including one ten pounder and three snook, one fifteen pounder and two over twenty was a pretty decent day of fun. We also had a king skyrocket next to the boat and a twenty pound plus dolphin come free jumping past us while catching schoolies. I think the fact that we were never further than six miles from the boat ramp was what really impressed Chico the most. And since one of the few times I threw the rod recieve a “wow….nice cast”, my day was more than complete.