Dolphin fishing has been good the past couple of weeks. Though nothing huge, decent numbers of four to ten pound fish with a few larger have been playing nice. They showed up just about the time the last remaining false albacore moved on to where ever it is they go. Got to watch the food chain at work while on a trip last thursday. A five pound dolphin tried to use the boat as cover from a maurading marlin of about four hunderd pounds. The marlin was taking laps around the boat at warp speed while the dolphin coward under us. Very cool to see. The king mackerel, though reduced in numbers, are still in the area. Some of the kings are of very nice size, some over thirty lbs being reported. A few wahoo in the area that I haven’t gotten around to fishing for just yet. And right on cue, the mullet run/bait migration has gotten underway. Bait schools being harrased by everything from bluefish to tarpon are moving along the area beaches. Great fun watching the melee’, sharks slashing, tarpon crashing, snook popping. Can be tough competing with so much food in the water, but spectacular to see. The weather dictates just how long that will be going on, but mid October should see the bait schools starting to thin out. Saw my first spinner shark jumping the other day, as well as the first school of skipjack tuna. Looks like we’ll go right from the summer menu of fishing opportunities into the winters target rich environment.