Here we go again. Another storm came through, and Wilma was quite a storm. Easily stronger and more destructive than last years storms. The hundred mile an hour plus winds at my house were quite impressive and a little disturbing. Trees shredded, roofs wrecked, yada,, yada, yada. I stood in the lee of the house and took video of tree limbs flying past, and trees splintering in my neighbors yard. The video is pretty cool, but the actual feeling that one gets from being in a storm like that just doesn’t come through on the film.
The boat is fine however and I even fished the two days following the storm finding massive schools of jacks just off the beach. We even made it out to dolphin country and caught a couple of those. Since then, schools of Spanish mackerel, jacks, bluefish, ladyfish and even a few spinner sharks have been moving into the area. So, it looks like winter fishing may start a bit early this year, and that’ll be a great thing if we can just finish the hurricane season without another visiting south Florida.