Well, the boys are back in town. The spinner sharks started showing up at the end of last week. First day out was a solo trip on thursday, and I hooked five and got three to the boat. Releasing one of those bad boys is quite a trick solo. Anyhow, friday morning we managed zero to the boat out of four hooked. And sunday only three to the boat out of twelve hooked. This is hands down my favorite thing to do during the winter and I’m looking forward to playing with the “brown bombers” for the next couple of months. If the timing happens like it did last year, we can look forward to the sharks being around into late march. Other than that, bluefish, jacks of all sizes, assorted runners, king mackerel and dolphin have been rounding out the action. The sailfish have been in the area, and we’ve tried a few times for them, but have yet to get any interested in a fly. Seems like the best bite on the sails is during really snotty weather that neither I nor my customers want to screw with. But, other than that, winter fishing is in full swing.