A rapid procession of cold fronts have really heated up the fishing here. Some very entertaining stuff, if I do say so myself. The tarpon played nicely this week, we boated several, the largest being just short of fifty pounds. Baracuda also put on quite a showing, they’ve started hanging in warm water areas, and sight casting to pods of as many as twenty, three to five foot long cudas has produced some great sport. The schools of jack crevalle just keep getting bigger and bigger. Most of the jacks are running four to ten pounds and are great nine weight fare, though there are occaisional encounters with jacks over twenty pounds. A deep drifted “eatme” streamer fly gets smacked pretty fast, but they’ve been shy of hitting anything on the surface for some reason. Normally, poppers and surface flies like sliders, crease flies and fur-head mullet imitations get a good deal of attention, and the resulting surface strikes are spectacular. I’m sure they’ll get around to it sometime soon. The ladyfish are also enjoying the cooler water temps and are cooperating pretty well. Running two to four pounds, they are perfect six weight stuff. And finally, the sharks have come back to town. Though the surf and seas haven’t allowed me to really get out there and play with the sharks, I’m hoping their late arrival will mean a late departure and they’ll be here for the rest of the winter. Truly the most out of control animal you can hook on fly in florida, these “whirling dervishes” can thrill even a seasoned angler.