Well, I guess it’s time for a report of what has been going on. We had a great fall bait migration/mullet run. Tarpon fishing was good, and there was some exceptional dolphin fishing for this time of year. But here it is the end of November and the winter visitors are showing up in impressive numbers already. Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks galore, ladyfish and pompano are all “in” and chewing. The jack schools are truly huge, numbering in the thousands, and of all sizes from scrappy five to ten pounders up to “break out the big stick” thirty pounders and beyond.
The sailfish are starting to show, not in huge numbers yet, but enough to get out and try for them. We’ve had two shots at teased up fish, that for technical problems beyond our control, didn’t happen. But I’ve made a vow to get at least ten sails on fly in the next month and a half, so this won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing about sailfish. Considering that every winter during the December through January time frame, there is a week or two of sailfish action that rivals anything anywhere in the world. Being in on one of those bites could very well account for ten sails on fly in a single day. I’m rigged, ready and hoping to see something like that.
There has been a decent amount of dolphin being caught and some king mackerel also in the area. And that will be the “menu” for the foreseeable future. The only player still not in the game are the spinner sharks and they should be along shortly.