Most of us are pretty tired of the wind that has spent quite a bit of time in Fl. recently. November was about as windy a month as I can remember here. Twenty to thirty knots most of the month, I think I made it out the inlet twice. It has abated already to some degree here in Demeber, with as many days of decent weather as not. As for the fishing, the inshore scene has taken center stage over the bluewater action, both due to the uncooperative weather and a lack of targets out deep. Jacks, bluefish, pompano have been in good supply if not good attitude. Lots of fish, but not crashing into the boat like we like to see them doing. A couple of spinner sharks have been encountered, though they’re not due for a few more weeks. Some of the ultralight stuff we’ve been doing has stepped “out of the box” if you will…small blackfin and skipjack tuna,(“pocketrockets”) in the two to four pound range were popping surface flies on four and five weight rods in two hundred plus feet of water. The little guys would dump quite a bit of backing for their size. We also had the chance to use the same rods on so-called baby AJ’s, (amberjack, arguably one of the toughest fighting of the jacks) in the four to eight pound range. They were in relatively shallow water for AJ’s, fifteen to twenty feet, but they would rocket to the surface after teaser plugs, and dropping a fly would bring great surface strikes. This is basically our winter menu, which should be the main entertainment for the next several months. Only thing missing are the sailfish and spinner sharks. Should be any day now.