No rest for the weary. The mullet run/bait migration went off in fine shape with lots of action on many different species of fish. Great action on massive ladyfish in along the beaches and some fine dolphin action out offshore during September and October. It is winding down now, but the winter species list is already knocking, or rather banging on the door. Here it is just November and the bluefish, spanish mackerel and jack crevalle action is typically what I usually find going on in January. The spanish mackerel blitz that went off last week outside of Palm Beach was one of the best I had ever seen anywhere. As many as you could stand and some very nice fish up into the five and six pound range. Bluefish and jacks mixed in, some of the jacks were in the “Don’t hook that thing!!!” range. We also had a special early season encounter with some spinner sharks the end of October. A buddy and I went one for five in about an hour one afternoon. I believe it was just some incidental sharks that were following the bait schools since I haven’t seen them again, but it was a nice warm up to the action due to start in the next month or so. A special treat last week was a veritable pot pourri of species offshore. Several days we had five species while working the blue water. Dolphin, skipjack and blackfin tuna, false albacore and rainbow runners. Though the blkfins were on the small side, a few of the skippies and the dolphin came home for dinner. Action on sailfish has been such that I think I may try dragging some teasers next chance I get, some of the bait boats have been getting a good number of shots each fishable day. The weather hasn’t been very cooperative in the past couple of weeks, a bit on the windy side. But thats ok, a bit of a blow usually keeps things stirred up and after it’s done the fishing undoubtably improves. And hopefully the wind will get it out of it’s system for the remainder of the winter.