The action on false albacore has been non-stop and very entertaining.The past couple of weeks have been mostly medium sized fish in the eight to twelve pound range, with an occasional bigger fish . Earlier in the month, there were many more large fish in the fourteen and up to eighteen lb size. We lost many huge albies to sharks, which have been relentless. Some days, we were only getting one in four to the boat through the “brown bombers” Blackfin tuna were also putting in an appearance, mixing in with the schools of albies. We were only able to manage two, one around twenty two lbs and another around thirty lbs. Picking a fish out of a school of rampaging albies is very tricky, and a huge dose of luck is needed also to get it done. Been a few encounters with wahoo, but haven’t been able to close the deal on one of those. They always seem to get a fly without wire on it. When the albies move on, I’ll start working on the wahoo, and the snook and tarpon are really heating up also. The sailfish seem like they’re going to make their august run like they have the past couple of years. So, it’s time to drag some teasers. That’ll take me into september when the mullet run goes off, the dolphin and skipjack tuna show up in force and the first waves of migrating jacks, spanish mackerel, ladyfish and tarpon get going.