Long over due I know, but remember, a lack of reports mean an excess of fishing action that will always take priority over sitting in front of a box typing on a keyboard. At least for me it will, and I’m kinda proud of those priorities. Anyhow, the most amazing thing, here it is the 25th of April and the Spinner Sharks are still here. Ten days later than I have ever seen them before. And I don’t mean just a few, tons of them. Really is a nice treat after all the poor weather that didn’t allow fishing for them in January and February to have some great conditions and great action late in the season. More than likely the excess shark food, ie; Bluefish of all sizes,(some stud Blues have been in the area the past month, pushing fifteen lbs) Jacks, Pompano, Ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel, juvenile King Mackerel and hordes of Blue Runners still in the area along the beaches has kept them interested in staying. This winter season was also the best action on Skipjack Tuna I have ever seen, with very consistent action well into March. But it’s bound to end sometime and at the moment we have some wind and weather going on that just might send them on their way. As always, it’s sad to see them go, but the sadness will have to take a back seat to the excitement of False Albacore, Dolphin, monster Jack Crevalle, King Mackerel, Amberjacks all moving in to take the Spinners place. And another month down the road will have the big Tarpon and trophy Snook getting in on it.

I’d love to go into detail of the action we’ve seen over the past couple of months, some of the stories are truly entertaining of fish caught and fish lost. One client that spent almost an hour on either a large Amberjack or Cobia,(don’t know which because we never saw it and never had any control over it with a twelve weight!) only to have it included in the food chain. A twelve foot plus Hammerhead sharks charging around the boat hot on the heels of the Spinner Shark we had hooked up,( pretty interesting when six foot sharks are part of the food chain, huh?) A wall of two hundred, twenty pound and larger Jack Crevalle charging the boat chasing my teaser plug that looked so intimidating I saw my client backing up out of the corner of my eye. One clients gear maintenance practices coming into question when a very hot, very large king mackerel literally had smoke coming out of his reel,(wish I had gotten That on film)The stories are numerous and the stuff memories are made of, but they will have to wait for a later time. The first non-fishing day in a pretty good while is always hectic and filled with things that need doing.
I have loads of open dates over the next three months, May, June and July. The best weather and some of the best fishing of the year.