This is easily my favorite months of the year with a great species list and usually very dependable weather. The weather has thrown us some curves though, a tropical storm has already made a drive by, dousing us pretty well. But I can put up with less than normal South Florida weather when the snook are heating up, tarpon traveling through, albies on the war path,(the albies showed up in mid may in good numbers, almost a month early from last year) big dolphin making appearances, king mackerel here and there, rainbow and blue runners, bull sharks mugging the hooked fish, blackfin tuna, wahoo and sailfish in the area. About as “target rich” an environment as anyone could want. We’ve boated dolphin up to about twenty pounds, and missed some real bruisers in the thirty and forty pound range. Albie size range has been all over the place with two to eighteen pounds coming over the side. We haven’t boated/released any of the tarpon yet, but have launched some skyward that were well over the hunderd pound mark, including one about a hundred thirty pounds that was so close to coming in the boat on one jump, she soaked us with spray. Nothing quite like looking up at a fish six foot long, gills rattling, head thrashing. Now if we can only get through hurricane season without getting smacked…. With daylight savings leaving plenty of light to fish with past eight PM, this time of year is like being a kid in a candy shop…I just can’t stop myself from fishing. So, if I’m not regular with the reports, you’ll know I’m just fishing my brains out…. This will be the main fish menu for the next six weeks at least.