We have been having a pretty typical, Albies-out-of-control June and July here in Southeast Florida. Hordes of fish, averaging around ten pounds, fish into the upper teens on a fairly regular basis. My hands look like I’ve been clumsy sharpening my fillet knife from all the line cuts. It’s a wonderful thing. We must be getting good at this thing judging from the lack of broken rods. Only four this year so far. And two reels that had melt downs. We also had some very good tarpon fishing in the area this year. I didn’t get to take advantage of the action as much as I’d like since most of my customers this time of year are “Albie-junkies”, but an excellent guide I know in the area that did concentrate on the silver kings is closing in on his two hundredth of the year. We had a couple days on king mackerel that was a nuts as it gets, with fifteen to forty pound fish blasting chum baits, tearing holes in the water and skyrocketing fifteen feet in the air all around the boat. Dolphin fishing has been lack luster for the most part, few fish and long distances to run to find them, though I think that will be changing next month. Snook at area inlets have been grouping up and we had several this week in the twenty pound range. Things to look forward to next month should be more snook at the inlets, juvenile tarpon in the ICW, sailfish showing in good numbers as in the past four or five Augusts, some of the best chances to get a wahoo of the year, hopefully some dolphin and the albies starting to thin out. This is just a quick report to try to stay up to date with the action here. I’m off on a much deserved break for the next couple of weeks. Tight lines.