I’m going to start calling this time of year the “Season of teeth”. Seems like toothy critters outnumber everything else by three to one right now. Baracuda, bluefish, sharks, spanish and king mackerel. There are other non-toothy fish playing as well, jacks, pompano, ladyfish. I am getting a little tired of the unusually poor weather we’ve been getting this winter though, nice fishing weather for a few days, then five days of screaming winds. At the time of this writing, the wind is again blowing hard. We managed a very respctable day yesterday despite the wind(20 knots sustained, gusts over 30) with six cudas up to three feet long, eight jacks up to about six lbs and a couple of small snook, which were a big surprise with the cold water. Maybe we’ll get all the wind out of the way and the spring fishing will be nice with calm seas. Last spring we had incredibly windy weather and April and May passed with alot of the years best dolphin fishing being unreachable. My main target this time of year is the spinner sharks, those rabid-tarpon, whirling dervishes, “I’m getting my butt kicked” fish that I love so much. Perhaps it’s the unusual weather, but they are late. Normally very punctual in arriving the first week of January, here it is the end of the month and I just saw the first good group showup a few days ago. Thank god, I thought I would need to find a threapist if the sharks didn’t show soon. I’m hoping the late arrival will mean a late departure. The historic date the spinners leave is the first week of April. Some other very odd occurances are also worthy of note for the winter season. There has been a very good showing of blue marlin and yellowfin tuna recently. The first are typically way too big,(averaging 250 lbs to start) to even attempt on fly, the later is a species we never see here. The yellowfins prefer the east side of the gulf stream, and it would please me to no end if we would continue to have some in the area. They are a spectacular fighting fish, easily one of the fastest and toughest of the tuna species. That is all the news from my corner of the pond.