The first couple of cold fronts passing through the area has sparked the arrival of our winter menu. Jacks, ladyfish, spanish and king mackerel, spinner sharks and sailfish have all shown up. Some big dolphin also have been around. And a nice treat for us, a bunch of big bluefish, (big for us, four to eight pounds), have also been in the area. The weather has been leaving a bit to be desired though being a bit on the windy side. Directly after the first cold front of the season a week or so ago, quite a few white marlin and a couple of blue marlin were being caught. One spot in along the beach has had clear water and a varitable smorgasbord of targets. We had two-thirds of a slam one day last week with an eight pound permit and a sixty pound tarpon. I wish the bonefish here were a little easier to locate. There were schools of pompano, spanish mackerel, hordes of blue runners and small jacks, the biggest school of bluefish I’ve ever seen, and for some reason, the tarpon were just fascinated with the boat, grouping up under the boat and following it as we drifted. Not small guys either, these ‘poons were all fifty lbs to well over a hundred. Throwing the teaser plugs into the schools of bluefish was a riot. The swarm of blues would come tearing the surface to foam as they chased the teaser back to the boat. This activity would immediately draw the attention of the few spinner sharks, who would charge the blues chasing the teaser. This would understandable bother the blues who would decide they really didn’t need to catch the thing skipping accrossed the water and would scatter in the wink of an eye. But the spinner shark would continue after the teaser plug, throwing a headwake like a nuclear submarine. I very gladly lost several teaser plugs to the sharks that particular day. I have to remember to get the video camera out for stuff like this, but it’s very easy to just grin like an idiot and watch it all happening.