Albies are winding down. There are still a few small ones around, an occaisional big guy, but most have moved on. I didn’t keep good records of numbers from this season, but a total of around 2000 seems about right. Biggest fish were in the eighteen pound range. And judging from the hordes of “small” six to eight pound fish, next year is going to have large numbers of big fish. Now we come into the mixed-bag time of year when the species list gets pretty cool. We had a ten species day this past monday with dolphin, albies, rainbow and blue runners, king and spanish mackerel, jack crevalle, cudas, snook and snapper. About thirty fish plus came over the side. More of the same yesterday, including a dolphin jaunt offshore where we finally found a decent number of dolphin. Small fish in the two to five pound range, we scaled down to six weights to make them a bit more fun. This should be the norm for the next month or so when the fall mullet/bait run gets underway and things should get really nuts with huge schools of bait moving around with an entire entorage of predators following.