Can’t really say we’ve been rocking the world here. Consistent jacks, spanish and king mackerel, ladyfish and barracuda, but the sailfish action has been less than stellar. I had hoped for a repeat of the past several years of sailfish action, but it has not happened as of yet. Though as writing this, the temperature outside is about 42 degrees with the wind chill and that holds promise of getting the spindlebeaks going. Up until now, our weather and water temps have been very high, running about seven degrees above normal. While that has held some of the winter species at bay, we actually have had decent fishing for tarpon, dolphin and even some false albacore have remained in the area,(though after almost five thousand releases on the albies last season, I really don’t need to see another one of those till next May). And I guess the spinner sharks were not in a hurry to get here either. I normally see the first groups of spinners right around Xmas, and here it is late January and they are just now starting to show up. Maybe that will mean they will have a late departure. One can only hope, I never get tired of the spinners.
I’ll try to get a few more reports up in the next couple of weeks to make up for the hiatus I’ve been on.