saltwater fly fishing charters in south florida

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I authored two book on bluewater fly fishing ("False Albacore" and "Tuna on the Fly'), and  I interviewed and fished with over 50 guides during my research.  I have fished with Scott for about a dozen years and on over 50 charters. Simply put he is the best!  No one is more knowledgeable or works harder than Scott.

---Tom Gilmore, NJ

I fished with Captain Scott Hamilton last week for the first time (upon other recommendations received from others) and absolutely had a blast! Without exaggerating, I could say that I was worn out by the action packed fishing by the end of the day - the Albies were hot and a lot of fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Captain Scott as I will fish with him in the future again myself.

---Alexander Eriksen, NY

 I've fished with Scott many times over the past 15 years and I can say without hesitation that he is the best guide I have ever fished with.  Over the years, he has put me on some incredible fishing. He is a serious, experienced guide, and his no nonsense approach will give you the best chance of a great day on the water.   If the fish are there, he will find them.  Scott's knowledge of South Florida offshore flyfishing is second to none.

---Jim Gray, Tx.

My son, grandson and I fished with Capt. Hamilton last July, flyfishing for albies and dollphin. Fishing was excellent. We were totally satisfied. Not only was he a very professional guide, but all three of us benefitted by his tips on how to improve our casting, which we solicited.  
I've lived on the ocean all my life but since he is a naturalist who has a love and respect for the ocean, I learned a great deal about the smaller sealife. Most of all, he is a nice guy, fun to spend a few days in his company. When I plan my next fishing trip to the east coast I will certainly use Capt. Hamilton.
---Bill Chable, Fl.

Three years ago, just prior to my fiftieth birthday, my wife and I booked Scott for a week of fly fishing in early May. I can tell you that the fishing was excellent. We caught several different species of fish and had an exciting , fun filled week with Scott. There was even a time when the three of us where fighting four fish on four fly rods at the same time, it was quite a wild adventure.
Scott is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, hard working and most important, a great individual to spend several days in a boat with. Our only regret is that we have not had the time to make it back to fish with Scott again.

---Scott Singleton, Wy.

I have fished with the "EatMe Fly Man" four times -spinners, cudas, sails and albies-great guy, works really hard to get you opportunities to get fish, but it is always up to you to close the deal. Will fish with him again in Nov 07-good sense of humor also. Practice your casting to max your trip  

---Scott Faley, Wa. DC